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"Formula Cold One"

Coming Soon! 

Stress-free Catering 


FKL know that this isn't always easy choosing a balanced menu.... So we have tried to strike a balance between delicious naughty treats and wholesome healthy goodness. Take a look at menus and simply choose; 1 x sandwich, 2 x treat and 1 x cake option.


Sandwich menu

Ham and/or Cheese


Egg mayonnaise


Strawberry Jam




Tomato, Pesto & Mozzarella


Tuna and Sweetcorn

Tomato, Cheese & Avocado​


Roast chicken and tomato


Cucumber & Avocado


Peanut Butter

Chocolate spread

Treat menu

Little cups of fruity jelly


Seasonal fruit stick


Mild Cheddar stick


Pot of berries


 Hula Hoops


Cheese and crackers


Little pots of natural yoghurt with honey


Cheese straws


Carrot and cucumber batons with cream cheese or hummus


Chocolate coated strawberries


bunch of grapes



Cake menu

Marshmallows with smarties

Cake Pops

Sticky fried goo goo

Shortbread shapes

Vanilla cupcake

Chocolate brownie​

Mini Cupcakes

Jam tarts

Maple syrup flapjack Chocolate

cornflake cake Banana muffin

Coated Oreos


All food boxes come with a pip organic carton of juice and a napkin.
£9.50Inc  per person.       
 Available at all London venues. 

If you have any dietary restrictions or would like the food prepared to be ALL ORGANIC please just ask.

© 2022 Formula Kidz Ltd

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